sToa Stoa歌词

Bene est viro qui那个健康的男人
miseretur et commodat他富有同情心并且施与恩惠
qui disponit res suas他安置他们的国王们
cum justitia.公正地
In aeternum non vacilabit.他将永不动摇
Distribuit, donat pauperibus,他给予,他奉献给那些贫穷的人们
munificentia ejus manebit semper,他的慷慨将永远留在
cornu ejus他的海角
extolletur cum gloria.他会被光荣地颂扬

  • 专辑:Urthona
  • 歌手:sToa
  • 歌曲:Stoa

sToa Stoa歌词

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sToa Taumel歌词

10/02 08:06
Time runs out. I left behind My breath came up to here. Till now I hesitated. Tired eyes - I scan the old horizon. My path cant end this way. But dyes rapidly fading. Find to calm, My heart without. But Im to weak to try. That lie was my undoing. Bre

sToa Partus歌词

08/12 13:59
Stoa - Partus Sic aetatis ver humanae 在人们春日的清晨 Iuventus primo mane 絮风轻扬拂晓 Reflorescit paululum 生命逐渐绽放 Mane tatem hoc excludit 白日缓缓褪尽 Vitae vesper, dum concludit 直至生命的黄昏 Vitale crepusculum 消失在暮光里 专辑:Porta VIII 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Partus

sToa Autumn歌词

01/23 22:40
Unbolt the wind to me! Brag I with audacious pride 为我召唤阵风!以恣意我妄为的自负 But that first gust of him,Makes me stumble and shrink 然而这尤来的凉风,却令我彷徨不前 My barque is covered up With leaves and windfall-pears 我的心舟已掩盖于飘叶与吹落的浆果之中 His heaven azures me,And his earth i

sToa Dust歌词

11/12 00:39
I vex my heart with fancies dim: He still outstript me in the race; It was but unity of place That made me dream I ranked with him. And so May place retain us still, And he the much-beloved again, A lord of large experience, train To riper growth the

sToa Hommage歌词

03/02 18:00
Instrumental 专辑:Urthona 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Hommage

sToa Sakrileg 歌词

10/15 18:06
暂无 专辑:Silmand 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Sakrileg

sToa Conclusio歌词

10/24 22:54
Stoa Conclusio [instrumental] 专辑:Porta VIII 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Conclusio

sToa Scrupus歌词

03/14 05:09
Stoa Portaviii Scrupus nam quibus non sim vitiis obnoxius (denn von welchen Lastern könnte ich unabhängig sein) qui pravis semper deservivi moribus der ich stehts dem Schlechten hörig war) 专辑:Porta VIII 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Scrupus

sToa Luvah歌词

07/29 15:12
Ignis, quo crucior Immo quo glorior Ignis est invisibilis. 专辑:Porta VIII 歌手:sToa 歌曲:Luvah