Buffy Sainte-Marie Now That the Buffalo's Gone歌词

Can you remember the times
That you have held your head high
and told all your friends of your Indian claim
Proud good lady and proud good man
Some great great grandfather from Indian blood came
and you feel in your heart for these ones

Oh it's written in books and in song
that we've been mistreated and wronged
Well over and over I hear those same words
from you good lady and you good man
Well listen to me if you care where we stand
and you feel you're a part of these ones

When a war between nations is lost
the loser we know pays the cost
but even when Germany fell to your hands
consider dear lady, consider dear man
you left them their pride and you left them their land
and what have you done to these ones

or are you still taking our lands
A treaty forever your senators sign
They do dear lady, they do dear man
and the treaties are broken again and again
and what will you do for these ones

Oh it's all in the past you can say
but it's still going on here today
The governments now want the Navaho land
that of the Inuit and the Cheyenne
It's here and it's now you can help us dear man
Now that the buffalo's gone.

  • 专辑:I'm Gonna Be a Country Girl Again
  • 歌手:Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • 歌曲:Now That the Buffalo's Gone

Buffy Sainte-Marie Now That the Buffalo's Gone歌词


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