The Band Perry Hip To My Heart歌词


I like your lips like I like my Coca-Cola yeah
Oh how it pops and fizzes
You like my shirt like I like it when you hold my hand the way it fits
It's got me feelin lucky
Lucky who it's got me. Who you've got that somethin
Boy I wanna be where you are
And I'm gunnin for ya
Can't even fall for some other man
Cuz brother man
You know how to get hip to my heart
Come on now
All the girs in town look you up and look you down
I know
So come on and pick your kitten
Purr baby purr go ahead and say the word let's go
Think I'm the one your takin
Got me feelin lucky
Tell me who, who (x2)
You play it cool
You play it so c-c-cool
And what am I supposed to do
When you play it so cool and I've got the hots for you
(Chorus x2)
I said you know how to get hip to my heart

  • 专辑:Hip to My Heart
  • 歌手:The Band Perry
  • 歌曲:Hip To My Heart

The Band Perry Hip To My Heart歌词


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