Tunng Jenny Again歌词

Throw the knife into the stream
Run away across the fields
Leave me lying where I fell
Rivers running out of me
Meet my Jenny in the lane
Take a car and run away
Get as far as you can get
Before the new day

Your heart beats quick and strong
Your mind pores over it all
Don't worry because no one saw me fall

Sit inside a little chef
Look around but not at her
See my kisses on her lips
See my fingers in her hair
Think of this against your will
See the knife edge slipping in
See the questions in my eyes
As I ask them

I went so quick it makes you shudder that I'm gone
Are we so brittle has your soul turned into stone
And though you loved me I'm not Jenny in the night
Some decisions don't thread back to being right

Your head blurs quickly tonight
Your edges diffuse in the light
Don't tell me that your throat is getting tight

Change your name and find a job
Marry Jenny in the spring
Buy a dog and call him Pete
Push the children on the swings
Think about me now and then
Try to find a peaceful space
Count the days as they go by
Count the lines upon your face

Your heart beats quick and strong
Your mind pores over it all
Don't worry because no one saw me fall

  • 专辑:Comments of the Inner Chorus
  • 歌手:Tunng
  • 歌曲:Jenny Again


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