Remy Zero Perfect Memory歌词

Perfect Memory

Remy zero

MY GOD 合肥工业大学

remember how they always seemed to know
we had the forest in our eyes
but the earth was in our clothes
and they thought we'd fall
not at all

so look back on the treasured days
we were young in a world that was so tired
though it's not what we wanted before
even the saints had to crawl from the floor
summers when the money was gone you'd sing
all you're little songs
that meant every thing to me

and i'll remember you
and the things that we used to do
and the things that we used to say
i'll remember you always

remember how they tried to hold you down
and we climbed those towers
and looked down upon our town
and everything you hoped would last
just always becomes your past (it hurts)
summers when the money was gone you'd sing
all your little songs that meant everything to me
but then this world
slipped through my fingers
and even the sun seemed tired
i still cared
as i lowered you down
my heart just jaded
in that moment the earth made no sound
but you were there
you helped me lift my pain into the air

if it don't hurt you
it wont hurt me
it don't hurt me
then it wont hurt you
if it don't hurt you
it wont hurt me i know

  • 专辑:The Golden Hum
  • 歌手:Remy Zero
  • 歌曲:Perfect Memory

Remy Zero Perfect Memory歌词


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