James Galway Allegro歌词

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  • 专辑:The Classical James Galway
  • 歌手:James Galway
  • 歌曲:Allegro

James Galway Allegro歌词


James Galway The Last Rose Of Summer 歌词

08/30 11:29
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:04.38]夏天里最后一朵玫瑰 [00:14.98]还在孤独地开放, [00:23.43]没有一朵美丽的花儿 [00:32.64]陪伴在它的身旁. [00:40.17] [00:41.20]永远的暴雨倾洒 [00:48.98]倾洒在它的身上, [00:57.32]却总也无法洗却 [01:05.08]洗却它淡淡的忧伤. [01:12.18] [01:46.34]夏天里最后一朵玫瑰 [01:53.95]已经无声的凋谢, [02:02.47]没有一朵美丽的花

James Galway Narita: Song of the Seashore(Hamabe No Uta)歌词

05/17 09:01
清晨我独自一人在这海滨徘徨 心中不禁回想起往日的时光 啊看那阵阵海风吹动着海面 啊波涛拍打海岸 那贝壳闪银光 黄昏我独自一人在这海滨徘徨 故人难忘的身影 涌现在我心上 啊起伏的波涛翻滚银浪 啊清淡的月色冷漠的星光 深夜我独自一人在这海滨彷徨 一阵海风卷起波浪湿透了我衣裳 啊我这忧郁的人儿 苦苦的思念 啊我心中的故人 如今你在何方 如今你在何方 专辑:Celebrating 70:A Collection of Personal Favorites 歌手:James Galway 歌曲:Narit

Kelley James Someone New歌词

03/03 20:43
She gives her heart to no one I must have been someone It must have been true But now I feel like I'm no one Cycling re-runs, dreaming of two She doesn't call me anymore Like she used, and she has moved on to else I guess that I should too But it's s

Etta James Stormy Weather歌词

02/12 11:50
Etta James - Stormy Weather (At Last!) Don't know why There's no sun up in the sky Stormy weather Since my man and I ain't together Keeps raining all of the time Oh yeah Life is bare Gloom and misery everywhere Stormy weather, stormy weather And I ju

James Rabbit Hole歌词

03/13 12:44
My life is just a fake Put my fist right through the walls If I concentrate The paint is wet But I forget I keep drifting off The floors can't take my weight But my pen moves on,keeps writing,no mistake What we have, we share all in together Always c

Etta James At Last歌词

11/05 06:51
Etta James - At Last (At Last!) At last My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Ohh yeah yeah At last The skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clovers The night I looked at you I found a dream, that I could s

James Brown Bewildered歌词

08/09 21:34
Bewildered, lost in a dream In the love I need why did we part Bewildered, has love, has love died dear Wishing your heart could feel What's in my heart Must I have sleepless night And endless days Oh love why did you keep my soul Without a spark I'm

Harry James Sleepy Lagoon歌词

01/14 05:52
(By The) Sleepy Lagoon - Harry James Harry James Miscellaneous Sleepy Lagoon SLEEPY LAGOON Harry James - words by Jack Lawrence, music by Eric Coates A sleepy lagoon, a tropical moon and two on an island A sleepy lagoon and two hearts in tune in some

宇多田ヒカル Fly Me To The Moon (James McQuaid Remix)歌词

02/01 09:34
Poets often use many words To say a simple thing It takes thought and time and rhyme To make a poem thing With music and words I've been playing For you I have written a song To be sure that you'll know what I'm saying I'll translate as I go along Fl