Babyface How Come, How Long歌词

There was a girl I used to know
She was oh so beautiful
But she's not here anymore
She had a college degree
Smart as anyone could be
She had so much to live for
But she fell in love with the wrong kinda man
He abused her love and treated her so bad
There was not enough education in her world
that could save life of this little girl
How come, how long
It's not right, it's so wrong
Do we let it just go on
Turn our backs and carry on
Wake up, for it's too late
Right now, we can't wait
She won't have a second try
Open up your hearts
As well as your eyes
She tried to give a cry for help
she even blamed things on herself
But no one came to her aid
Nothing was wrong as far as we could tell
That's what we'd like to tell our self
But no !it wasn't that way
So she fell in love
With the wrong kinda man
And she paid with her life for loving that man
So we cannot ignore,we must look for the signs
And maybe next time we must save somebody's life

  • 专辑:The Day
  • 歌手:Babyface
  • 歌曲:How Come, How Long

Babyface How Come, How Long歌词


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