Toby Keith Big Blue Note歌词

Toby Keith - Big Blue Note
★ leo_chen

See that big blue note
Over there on the counter
You don't wanna read that thing man
It's a real get-you-downer
But don't you dare say nothin' else
Bad about her: she's gone

No no no no don't don't throw it away
'Cause tonight I might need it
It gets real lonely around here at night some times
An' I have to read read it
Besides you can show it to the boys down town
They won't believe that she's gone

There used to be a time I was all she ever wanted
All the man that she'll ever need
I come home to find
just like that
she's up an' vanished
An' the only thing she left behind for me

Is this big blue note
Folded up in my pocket
Yeah don't laugh: it's been two months
I still got it
Sometimes I have to read the sucker twice
Just to make sure I ain't forgot that she's gone

You know my psychiatrist said
"Tell me what do you see
"When you look at these inkspots
"Of er reds yellows an' greens"
You know I looked at 'em all
But they all looked to me like big blue notes

There used to be a time I was all she ever wanted
All the man that she'll ever need
I come home to find
just like that
she's up an' vanished
An' the only thing that's left to do for me

Is stand high on this cliff
Overlooking the sea
With my big blue notepaper aeroplane
That I just set free
An' I'm gonna wait here a few more minutes
An' if it don't come back to me
You guessed it: she's gone

Crash landing
Bye bye baby

  • 专辑:Honkytonk University
  • 歌手:Toby Keith
  • 歌曲:Big Blue Note

Toby Keith Big Blue Note歌词


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