Erick Sermon Stay Real歌词


It's on breaker 1, 2 mike checkin'
flexin no half steppin
when I release the funky weapon
like Ricochet ping ping ping.
I make fans fell it even when I sing.
The green eyed bandit coming funky with the tune yes
I'm blowing up like Tom Berringer in Platoon.
I'm playing kinda ruff like Zapp
whapp and E-Double smack to all the crossover raps black
who ain't down with the format
when you should be wearing khakis and not dress slacks
that's wack
you trippin you better wake up and smell the coffee
and then back up off me
I serious I can't believe some people letting frontiers in
and then compare them equal boy you must be buggin
you lucky you don't catch a slug in the chest in
from the Smith and Wessons.
Change the out look
change the cover of the book
you hip hop crook and give back what you took.
It's the Funk coming at cha
so don't let the crossover catch ya.
Boy stay real.


It's on again yeah about the fake hip hop trends
for those who can't comprehend just ask your friends
they know the real deal of rap music no frontin
you can't be talking loud and saying nothing
you must be true to the game you understand
and if not I could kill you man
for being false plus extra fake on the tape
talking hardcore when you soft like a piece of cake.
You can't put nothing pass me that horrendous cause
I've been here since strictly business
the era of Eric and Rakim, Biz, Public Enemy, Run-DMC,
Houdini, The Beasties, Stetsa, Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, LL
when he was rockin bells.
Sucker which fake emcee is rearranging the structure band
the motherf--ker. And don't let this happen again
cause rap could be gone the wind.
So stay real.


Yes I'm back Black for those who might be confused
and lost and don't want to pay the cost
of me hardcore style type a human being
on the microphone when I be emceeing.
Some fake the Funk and Main Source know it
how do I know cause MTV shows it.
Clowns that should be beat down on the spot
and catching nothing but speed knots the bumbadots
I insist we veto all fake emcees and want to be's
that's worst than the AIDS disease.
So wake up Spike Lee Joint
and don't be a knucklehead and get to the point
with the Funk and pump up the volume
make the wild tune to make the party boom
peace to Redman the Rap Funkadelic
the only emcee that's compared to Erick because I'm real.

  • 专辑:No Pressure
  • 歌手:Erick Sermon
  • 歌曲:Stay Real

Erick Sermon Stay Real歌词


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