T.I. My Type歌词

Let's go (ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.. ay, ay, ay)
Y'all gon' wish for a nigga like me when I ain't here
Ya know what I'm sayin'? (Think I'm lyin)
Say goodbye to the bad guy!
You don't appreciate a nigga my type
Once I die ain't no mo' niggas my type
So just remember me right (you ain't gotta worry 'bout me no mo')
Just remember me right, hey just remember me right
Hey just remember me right, just remember me right
(But you gon' see is far worse than out there, hey!)

[Hook: T.I.]
Bet you don't appreciate a nigga my type
Cause when I die ain't no mo' niggas my type, so just remember me right
Bet if I let them suckas kill me tonight
All them haters gon' be filled with delight, God forgive me, aight?
I sacrifice so they could live my life
If necessary I'd give my life, so what you here in my life
Reputation decorated with stripes
No need for cryin at the end of my life, hey just remember me right

[T.I. - over Hook]
You'll see...
I see you laughin, AY!
I did this shit for you nigga, it's all good
Hey! You know me homie, ay

When your back was against the wall remember where could you go
Remember who helped you again like he helped you befo'
Went out they way to let you know that you ain't ever alone
They disrespect you, you come get who 'til they left you alone
He taught you, how to be weak, he taught you how to be strong
Taught you not to accept defeat, you go all out or be gone
Bet it ain't, the same in the streets now that he gone
He now in heaven on the throne exactly where he belong
Though he left me and you was devastated that his family mourn
Sons turn to grown men since they daddy been gone
Daughters grew, like him or not he left his family on
Even prepaid the funeral service he had in the dome
And there they came to represent, for a stand-up gent
Who walked it like he talked it, always said what he meant
Impossible to stop him, had a head like cement
Maybe now you'll appreciate a nigga like this (they might)


[T.I. - over Hook]
Ain't gon' be no mo', remember me how I was baby
I can see you still laughin right now, HEY!
I made it possible homie
But I die for it, it's all good man
Strong got to lead the weak! Ay

If they had only knew the man outside of the hype
No matter what the situation he always try to do right
Still they gossip to told lies, used to take him for granted
Often find it hard to relate, somehow they can't understand it
Cause that respect he gon' demand, if there's a problem he handle
Look adversity in the eye, he never ran from a challenge
They tried to knock him off balance when the Feds came and got him
Did the time on his head, came home, that ain't stop him
That's why them niggas used to hate him but they girl used to jock him
Swear he had the kind of swagger made the world stop and watch him
Plus he possess so much hustle made it impossible to top him
Got better every album, haters hate to see him drop 'em
They just talk shit from a distance, when he around they playin possum
He used to scare them suckas shitless that's probably why them niggas shot him
And what it took ain't nothin else they ever could or did about it
So go on, talk shit about him, least you ain't forgot about him
I see


[T.I. - over Hook]
You'll see! Ain't no more of me man
Hey, hey, hey!
Enjoy, I did this man
That's how I just put the weight on my shoulders
I carry the load baby, I'm used to it
I'm built for it! AY!

Wanna say sorry to my momma, King and Lil' Mama
See me go through so much drama, you could stand a lil' thunder
Never let 'em see you sweat, stay cool as a cucumber
Stay ready for whatever, make 'em know I'mma do wonders
How he died? On his feet like a man with honor
Showed you the sky was the limit, you could do whatever you wanna
That's for Bubba and Domani, Deyjah and Neek-Neek
Don't worry 'bout me, Uncle Phil and Leiah's with me
See me wit'cha granddaddy - I know you gon' miss daddy
But life ain't always a dream, and horrible shit happens
Hate I let a nigga kill me before I could quit rappin
And get to spend mo' time wit'cha, I know we'da been happy
But I had to take in them chances, you probably woulda been trappin
Long as I could keep that from happenin, ya pappy can die happy
Just keep the wind at ya back, and the sun at ya face
Remember winnin in your blood, you were born with what it take, okay?


[T.I. - over Hook]
Hey, that's it for me
Hey, I bet you'd love that, wouldn't you?
I did this for y'all man
You know ain't no favorite man
Man fuck this shit partner, HEY!

Hey y'all, with all my heart I apologize man I'm sorry
I tried, I did everythang I could man, y'knowmsayin?
There was just more of them than there was me, ya dig?
They say you can't win 'em all
But shit man, I gave them niggas hell long as I could though bruh
Heh, and you could put the money on that, HEY!

  • 专辑:T.I. vs T.I.P.
  • 歌手:T.I.
  • 歌曲:My Type

T.I. My Type歌词


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