The Irrepressibles In This Shirt (Original Version)歌词

I am lost in a rainbow
No a rainbow is gone
Overcast by your shadow
As our worlds move on

In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while
In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while

There's a crane knocking down
All these things that we were
I awake in the night to
Hear the engines pout

There's a pain it does ripple
Through my frame makes me lame
There's a thorn in my side
It's the shape it's the prize

Of you and me ever changing
Moving on now moving fast
And this touch must be wanting
Must become free to act

But I mean jape to tell you
That I love you and never rash
And I bled everyday now
For a year for a year

I did send you a note
On the wind for to read
Our names there together
Must've fallen like the sea

To depths of the soil
Buried deep in the ground
On the wind I can hear you
Call my name held the sound

I am lost
I am lost in a rainbow
No a rainbow is gone
I am lost in a rainbow
No a rainbow is gone

I am lost, I am lost
I am lost, I am lost
I am lost

  • 专辑:In This Shirt
  • 歌手:The Irrepressibles
  • 歌曲:In This Shirt (Original Version)


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