Crimson Shadows For the Glory of the Throne歌词

Mow through the corpses
Ride on high through the bodies
Waging a new war through
The path of destruction
I've never felt more alive
Then this moment
See it through my eyes

So i crash down
With the power of three
Overpowering all at every
Demons of hate await your soul
Awaiting for the One

I have looked to the sky
Once again I'll find a way
I'm so far away from home
So i cry to the gods
Bless again my wife and son
I miss my family

I see the plan
And what is drawing near
Falling to the darkness the thing i fear
Push on strong never looking back
The time shall arise

Rage the only feeling
The emotion worth feeling
Fist clenched, knuckles white
The enemy fleeing
I stand high and hold victory
The king will be pleased

Fought for so long
For the glory of the throne
All my heart desires
Is to just go home
I have never been one to
Shy away from blood
But all my heart desires
Is for this to just be done

Plow through the never ending
Waves and the currents
Pushing my horse to gallop faster
I see the hills crest the horizon
I can see my family

But i know my time with them
Is short and sweet
I'll long for the extra moment
The next time that we meet
Back to the front lines
The command has come
Back to the front lines

  • 专辑:Glory on the Battlefield
  • 歌手:Crimson Shadows
  • 歌曲:For the Glory of the Throne

Crimson Shadows For the Glory of the Throne歌词


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