Beirut The Gulag Orkestar歌词

They call it night,
They call it night
And I know it well

  • 专辑:Gulag Orkestar
  • 歌手:Beirut
  • 歌曲:The Gulag Orkestar

Beirut The Gulag Orkestar歌词


Beirut Postcards from Italy歌词

01/06 06:21
The times we had Oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow Were not all bad We put our feet just where they had, had to go Never to go The shattered soul Following close but nearly twice as slow In my good times There were always golden rocks t

Beirut The Rip Tide歌词

09/24 23:46
And this is the house where I, I feel alone, feel alone now 这就是我的房子,孤独之地,我形单影只 And this is the house where I could be unknown, be alone now 这就是我的房子,平静之地,我心如止水 Soon the waves and I found a rolling tide 就在那滚滚的波浪中 Soon the waves and I found a rip tide 就

Beirut A Sunday Smile歌词

05/19 09:11
Beirut - A Sunday Smile All I want is the best for our lives my dear, and you know my wishes are sincere. Whats to say for the days I cannot bare. A Sunday smile you wore it for a while. A Sunday mile we paused and sang. A Sunday smile you wore it fo

Beirut Prenzlauerberg歌词

03/30 09:22
[Instrumental] 专辑:Gulag Orkestar 歌手:Beirut 歌曲:Prenzlauerberg

Beirut Goshen歌词

04/25 16:00
You're on in five, it's time you rise or fail. They've gone before, stood by your door all day. For what it's worth, defend your kind from shame. The lights are down, go on inside, they've paid. You're the face in stone, through the land I own. You n

Beirut The Penalty歌词

02/23 18:02
Like an ancient day and I'm on trial Let them seize the way, this once was an island And I could not stay for I believed them Left for the lights always in season Impassable night in a crowd of homesick Fully grown children, you'll leave the lights Y

Beirut East Harlem歌词

08/09 13:19
Another rose wilts in East Harlem And uptown downtown a thousand miles between us She's waiting for the night to fall Let it fall, I'll never make it in time (repeat 3x) Sound is the colour I know, oh, Sound is what keeps me looking for your eyes, An

Beirut Santa Fe歌词

04/13 06:27
Santa Fe : Your days in one, this day undone The kind that breaks under, all day at once For me, for you I'm just too young And what of my heart? This day was once, silent before Oh, the grace of lust, can't wait at all Temptations won And what ever

Beirut A Candle’s Fire歌词

10/08 00:06
"A Candle's Fire" Light a candle's fire点亮烛光吧 Carries a good name让它映出我们美好的一面 What would you ask a campfire关于篝火你想知道些什么呢 That scares me just the same它也让我惊奇 And knew you had it all along你与它相伴这么久 An endless need for games也追寻那无尽的欢愉 Don't forget a cand