Various Artists Tripping Billies歌词

We were above
You standing underneath us
We were not yet lovers
Dragons were smoked
Bumblebees were stinging us
I was soon to be crazy
Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow we die
'Cause we're tripping billies

We're wearing nothing
Nothing but out shadows
Shadows falling down on the beach sand
Remembering once,
Out on the beaches we wore
Pineapple grass bracelets

So why would you care
To get out of this place
You and me and all our friends
Such a happy human race
'Cause we're tripping billies

We are all sitting
Legs crossed round a fire
My yellow flame she dances
Tequila drinking oh our
Minds will wonder
To wonderous places

So why would you care
To get out of this place
You and me and all our friends
Such a happy human race

Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow we die

  • 专辑:Woodstock 99
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Tripping Billies


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