Dark Fortress The Arcanum of the Cursed歌词


  • 专辑:Tales from Eternal Dusk
  • 歌手:Dark Fortress
  • 歌曲:The Arcanum of the Cursed


Dark Fortress Insomnia歌词

11/28 03:03
I drown... For too long I felt the winter's breath The rain keeps falling down into my soul Thorns cover my grave... they hurt within me I wonder how death shall ever set me free When I cannot close my eyes I wonder how death shall ever set me free W

Dark Fortress Incide歌词

12/29 01:12
"The last horrendous error of a soul tortured irretrievably into insanity by A horde of disembodied demons: rather than being the last desperate way out The granted deathwish removes the last physical protection and renders the Soul completely helple

Dark Fortress Requiem Grotesque歌词

02/02 11:44
De profundis clamavi ad te domine Domine ex ordi vocem meam Tianc auris ture e intendentis In vocem deprecationes meae Requiem aeternam dona eis domine Et lux perpetua luceat deis Requiescant in pace" Grotesque visions of paradise Death bells chime f

Dark Fortress Evenfall歌词

09/09 01:19
翻译BY 莫须有 With the dawn 直至黎明 Comes the loathing 衍生出反感 With the morning 直至晨霭 Comes the fall 孕育堕落 With the qualm 直至疑虑 Come the vermin 滋生虫豸 Come to spawn 繁衍成长 From the sun they crawl 从褪色的昏日中蜂拥而出 With the night 直至暮色 Dies the calm 击溃安宁 With revulsion 直至忿恶

Dark Fortress Shardfigures歌词

01/12 14:43
All my life I searched for thee To make me feel complete But only bitterness spoke to me In a language I had to learn throughout the years All my life I was wandering through the dark Without any spark of hope Never knew, where I belonged Weary of li

Dark Moor The Sound of the Blade歌词

10/14 06:49
Lowering clouds in the sky aglow Darken my shield of victory 通红的天际中,昏暗的乌云遮蔽了属于我的胜利 Is my fate doomed to hell on earth? 难道这是我命中注定的,要堕落到人间地狱吗? A shift in the wind guides me to to home 风引领我回家 I stare in the mirror now 我凝视着镜中的自己 Who is that under my bloo

Dark Funeral Dead Skin Mask (Slayer Cover)歌词

06/15 06:27
[ti:Dead Skin Mask] [ar:Dark Funeral] [al:As You Eternally Rot: The Tribute to Slayer] [offset:0] [00:00.86]Dead Skin Mask - Dark Funeral [00:33.02]Wo [00:38.21] [01:08.12]Graze the skin with my finger tips [01:11.10] [01:12.25]The brush of dead cold

Dark the Suns All Ends In Silence歌词

11/04 18:37
All Ends In Silence 一切终归于沉寂 In starless night crowned with black There are no words to make all undone We're the dreamers in frozen rain Forever lost when love grew cold 没有星辰的夜晚 黑暗成为主宰 无能为力 无语凝噎 我们是冷雨中的织梦者 当爱已冷却 便永远迷失 I grieve in darkness All ends in

Dark Tranquillity A Bolt of Blazing Gold歌词

06/18 15:50
A bolt of blazing gold, lifted from the horizon's edge Another radiant dawn sends new hope, avowed my hearty pledge My yearning to be part of nature's truthful solitude Of wisdom's inner light that shines in mystic multitude The guiding source within