Stream of Passion Out in the Real World歌词

I've hidden wishes for so long,
buried deep inside,
keeping them secret from a world
that'll never realize
the way I dream

Puedo ver esos ríos de luz
escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía

Out in the real world
you are waiting to take my hand,
I'll be looking for answer
That leads me back

I lack the will to face my fears
I'm running from it all.
And all the painful memories,
they haunt me once again.
I'm giving up...

Out in the real world
you are waiting to hear my call;
through a river of illusions
you saw me fall.
Out in the real world
you are waiting to take my hand,
I'll be looking for answer
that leads me back
outside, back in your arms

No matter how hard it may seem
we should never hide
the little things that make us real.
Show them who we truly are,
we will in time

Puedo ver esos ríos de luz
escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía.
Hay en mí tanto temor,
tanto mal que ocultar

  • 专辑:Embrace the Storm
  • 歌手:Stream of Passion
  • 歌曲:Out in the Real World

Stream of Passion Out in the Real World歌词


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