Wouter Hamel Useless Fraud歌词

I can't see why
I can't see how
you ruined us
and took it all
my fantasies
my reveries are
hiding deep within

you worthless fraud
you ugly cheat
I trusted you
look at me now
my days are grim
my nights light up
with useless memories

your features so bedazzled me
your charms
your poise
your pedigree
your eyes translucent and bright
till I found you out one night

I'm a shadow
of myself
I once was one
but now I'm half
the wedding bells
have died away
and I'm left alone

the wedding bells
have died away
and I'm left here all alone

  • 专辑:Hamel
  • 歌手:Wouter Hamel
  • 歌曲:Useless Fraud

Wouter Hamel Useless Fraud歌词


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