Witness Yesterday's Wake歌词

Set sail
We're leaving the harbor now
Christen the ship
Let the city slip from the starboard bow
Remember when the waves were only waist deep?
When the only thing we knew about pain was scraped knees?
When we would still walk where the shells were in shards,
If it meant that we could find that starfish before dark
But, as the comfort grows
We become the flow
And the ebb and tide that swept our lives into the undertow
And while I'm foolish
For building sandcastles where the waves break
You fought the current
And focused on yesterday's wake
You vacated our oasis on the premise
That our complicated promises were tarnished by the present

And I fear the tempest hasn't left your lips yet
But I love you
That's why I'm staying anchored to this shipwreck
So should the water ever rise above our collarbones
I'll be close by, closed eyes, cause I'm not alone
I'll never let the waters rise above our collarbones
Open up your eyes, baby doll, cause you're not alone

Sitting on a suitcase, knees to elbows,
Hands to face, like "Damn, it's damp today"
And the transits late again
I make friends with the night sky
Calling each star on it's white lies
But, from the sand I sit wondering where the candlelit nights
That used to be life decided to abandon ship
I won't stand for it, I can't handle it
Been waiting for a little bit of wind since the anchor slipped
I've got five fingers clinging to the driftwood
Looking for riptide that you travel on
But safe harbors and stagnant ponds
Couldn't make hope float if the passion's gone

  • 专辑:The Evermore EP
  • 歌手:Witness
  • 歌曲:Yesterday's Wake


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