Anjulie Same Damn Thing歌词

See the light in my eyes but it all goes away
Black as sun drippin' down and it fills up my days
You don't know this part of me
You can't see these scars on me

I see the world as a child, see it purple and gray
Runnin' reckless and wild like a horse with no reins
Am I still sleeping? Yeah, yeah, I must be dreaming

Got a knife in my back and a bad, bad headache
Got my heart broke again, still the same damn thing
Well, I know it ain't easy, it's harder to say
Gonna walk on the sunny side of the street if that's all I do today

You're so damn civilized, you just flip through the pages
Of my problems like I'm some psychology case
You don't know this part of me
Oh, you can't see these scars on me

I see a squiggly line runnin' 'round the ceiling
Try to catch him, he's mine till my eyes start to sting
Am I still sleeping? Oh, I must be dreaming

It's warm like winter in my mind
Shadows speak to me so nice
So leave me here, I'll be alright
Why don't you leave me here alone tonight?

  • 专辑:Anjulie
  • 歌手:Anjulie
  • 歌曲:Same Damn Thing

Anjulie Same Damn Thing歌词


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