Tift Merritt Mixtape歌词

[ar:Tift Merritt]
[al:See You On The Moon]

[00:00.00]Mixtape-Tift Merritt
[00:10.99]You,how did you get so wise
[00:14.59]I take the advice
[00:16.98]I find in your eyes
[00:20.56]Me,I've been waiting outside
[00:24.40]Most of my life
[00:26.62]Oh like a rare b-side
[00:30.50]I'm just making you mixtapes
[00:33.26]With homemade covers
[00:35.55]Analog to show we're lovers
[00:40.36]And here under the jacket folds inside
[00:45.16]I've taped my heart for you to find
[00:49.56]To find
[00:52.00]The perfect way
[00:54.05]Which album to say
[00:56.66]I la la love you
[00:59.75]With this plastic cassette
[01:04.29]It's not finished yet
[01:06.52]It's gonna tell you slowly
[01:10.37]I'm just making you mixtapes
[01:12.90]With homemade covers
[01:15.27]Strings and drawings show we're lovers
[01:20.21]When you're driving around in the summertime
[01:24.80]To hear again,just press rewind
[01:49.75]Rewind.It comes to an end
[01:53.84]Turns over again
[01:56.13]Another 1000 times
[01:59.82]But me ,I'll be the same
[02:03.66]No,I never change
[02:06.18]I'm,like a rare b-side
[02:10.40]I'll be making you mixtapes
[02:12.84]With home made covers
[02:15.27]Analog to show we're lovers
[02:19.69]So much rock and roll love in a plastic case
[02:24.63]Play it loudly,see my face
[02:29.90]I'm just making you mixtapes
[02:32.51]With homemade covers
[02:34.67]Mazzy Star,Donovan's Colors
[02:39.53]Just an audio love letter painted blue
[02:44.42]I spent all day making for you,for you
[02:54.08]For You

  • 专辑:See You On The Moon
  • 歌手:Tift Merritt
  • 歌曲:Mixtape

Tift Merritt Mixtape歌词


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