Curious Quail Honestly, Honesty歌词

She wakes up / he's sleepin' / the tears are dryin' on her sheets
no place can / redeem her / the words are dyin' on her teeth but
it's just / the latest / a string of incidental fears she's
fallin' / apart now / with pieces flyin' everywhere and
we all lie
we all lie to ourselves

The mornin' / comes quickly / there's sunlight in his coffee's
face / his spirit / is broken /and shards of her fill up the
space / the timin' / so perfect / it leaves him here without a
trace / a bitter / reminder / that 'permanent' is total waste
when we all lie
we all lie to ourselves
and when we all lie
we all die by ourselves

wrap me up and turn me out, / " I never wanna be your face in
the mirror again," / he said it / well he meant it
wrap me up and turn me out / "I never wanna be your anything

They speak now, / in silence / there's awkward that's just
palpable they're / bitter, he's gone now / there's nothin here
but all the wrong and / I don't / believe you
when you say "it's all okay"
and if we all lie
we all lie to ourselves.
and if we all lie
we all die by ourselves

"honestly, honesty. I never wanna see your face in the mirror
again" / he said it / well he meant it
"Honestly, honesty. I never wanna be your anything
at all / cuz we / all / had everything we need / to be happy,"
he says / "We've / all / had enough"

  • 专辑:Instant Gratification
  • 歌手:Curious Quail
  • 歌曲:Honestly, Honesty

Curious Quail Honestly, Honesty歌词


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