Jonas David Let Me Live歌词

Sick and tired my love
Drop back to my old lies
The fire has gone wild
Break my eyes
Breaking stones
My walls and I just fall

You know me wilder
You know my treasure and my likes
You know my bloodstreams
And you let me live

  • 专辑:Keep The Times
  • 歌手:Jonas David
  • 歌曲:Let Me Live

Jonas David Let Me Live歌词


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06/14 21:53
What we are is everything that I've got But what you need is anything that I'm not And every word that you throw like a stone strikes holes in the place we called home What we have is everything what you hate And what I give your hands will forsake A

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08/26 16:50
[ti:Why Do Fools Fall In Love] [ar:Jonas] [al:Jonas] [offset:0] [00:00.95]Jonas-Why Do Fools Fall In Love [00:02.64]Ooh-wah ooh-wah, ooh-wah ooh-wah, [00:03.69]Ooh-wah ooh-wah, why do fools fall in love [00:11.55]Why do birds sing so gay, and lovers

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Covered with lies I see you grinding your knives But I wont be satisfied until you drowned my thirst I am burning inside Your flames have reached my eyes You wont be satisfied with all these longing hands I feel like you are the one All those words t

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I'm up on the eleventh floor And I'm watching the cruisers below He's down on the street And he's trying hard to pull sister Flo Oh, my heart's in the basement My weekend's at an all time low 'Cause she's hoping to score So I can't see her letting hi

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[该歌词由霡霂搜集整理] Una mirada hacia atras me ordena la vida, pero si miro hacia atras te veo a ti... Una mirada hacia atras rompe mi rutina, me enseña a desafiar lo que aun queda por vivir... Fuiste tu, la que me vio llorar, la que me ha visto huir, detrás

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[该歌词由霡霂搜集整理] Soñé con muchas madrugadas, Teñida la almohada de un rojo amanecer Soñé que no te dependías, Diciendo poesías para no volver Para no volver, Vendí la música de mil maneras sin saber, Las flores lloran más Cuando no cuidas mi jardín De pé

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David Guetta Ft. Akon - Sexy Bitch Maximal r&b - The Freshest & Hottest R&B/ Hip-Hop Music! Yes i can see her Cause every girl here wanna be her.. Or she's a diva They feel the same and i wanna lead em They say she low down Its just a roomer a

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All right Can you fill me in Talk 'nout it I was checking this girl next door when her parents went out She'd phone say hey boy come on right around So i knock on the door you were standing with a bottle of red wine ready to pour Dressed in long blac

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Craig David - Let Her Go Album: The Story Goes : You were her only girl The most precious thing in her world And I know it makes you cry That you never got to say goodbye You were just running out of time To say what was on your mind You never wanted