Elend Chaomphalos歌词

ὁ νυκτιφόρος ἥλιος· ἥλιος πόλεμος
νύξ – μόρος – κήρ – θάνατος
Νὺξ δ΄ ἔτεκε στυγερόν τε Μόρον καὶ Κῆρα μέλαιναν
καὶ Θάνατον
νύξ, ἥλιος, πόλεμος.

  • 专辑:Sunwar the Dead
  • 歌手:Elend
  • 歌曲:Chaomphalos

Elend Chaomphalos歌词


Elend Nocturne歌词

09/19 08:53
01.Nocturne 夜曲 "Lost in a dream... Drowning in the eyes Of a statue who dreamt a little dream of me... "在梦境中迷失- 在将我梦见的雕像 的瞳目中沉没- Incipiunt hic tenebrarum lectiones secundae, Cum Lucifer receptaculum noctis evasus, Demergitur in undis somniorum s

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04/20 11:28
Eclipse "We are only pain, Our fighting was vain." Say the evil. Drowning in the sea of lamentations, Sinking in the Abyss of desolation... Orb within Orb The Moon marry the Sun, And the universe will burn, Orb within Orb, Eclipse. Upon this rea

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01/11 04:09
Lucifer Nominem tuum despicamur, denegamus nostram originem. Spiritus domini atque verba deceptoris preces perdiderunt. At once, he views The dismal scenery waste and wild, A dungeon horrible, on all sides round, Flam'd; and there the pale light Serv

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08/25 15:34
Chanting "We the host of Seraphim, the armies bright, We do not rue the dire event That, with sad overthrow and foul defeat, hath lost us Heaven. Ever to do ill will be our sole delight, Reassembling our afflicted powers On the burning Lake of liquid

Elend Melpomene歌词

04/10 07:32
02. Melpomene 墨尔波墨涅[注1] [Première Leçon][法语] [第一课] I looked into the eyes of the Basilisk. 我看向蛇怪的双眼.[注2] Beside the shores Of silver streaming sadness to be, She came to me disguised as Melpomene. Like asphodels winding through the chasms of Heaven,

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08/30 03:58
2. Ardour Exhausted Dying into a dance, The wait will be over soon. The vision is gone, What is left to see? A poison for the eye, a cure for the heart And the end of all faith. "Qu'est pour nous, mon caeur, que les nappes de sang Et de braise, et mi

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12/04 03:29
08.The Wake Of The Angel 天使之觉醒 [Troisieme Repons][法语] [第三首颂歌] I am the eyes of the Basilisk. 我是蛇怪的双眼. As you enter the forest of my sleep, Drawing aside the bushes of glimmering light, You will remember the prayer of Orion. 当你步入我眠梦的森林, 将闪烁的微光之灌木拨向一边,

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05/23 21:29
03.The Luciferian Revolution 路西法之革命 Flores solis, ardentes in aeternum, Ne secuti sitis fatum floris venenati... Colores delectant, inebriant odores, At siccatur sinus perpetuo lacrimando... Nam angeli cursus firmamentum lacrimarum...[拉丁语] 太阳之花,为永恒而闪

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06/08 14:11
Weeping Night Fire is my world of burning desires. The thousand sunsets are flaming through the blood of the rainbows And the darkness of my eyes. Kiss my lips forlorn and dwell in me As I lie departed in the cathedral of your tears. And let all my p