The Changelings Earthquake At Versailles歌词

Share A sea of marble, wood
Disintegrating showers falling
Gargoyle heads and ornaments
Of gold and lead
We sheltered here,
But now the tide of beauty
Has dispersed
We once were home
But now are cast away

We were misunderstood
We gods of wire and wood
Once shackled to the stone
Which crumbled down
The avenues of blood...

The ballrooms caved
The pillars crumbled into dust
And we are playing still
The chords to call the angels
From their thrones
The dancers now are flecked
With cracks contorting galliards
They dance the steps
That lead now to their graves

  • 专辑:Changelings
  • 歌手:The Changelings
  • 歌曲:Earthquake At Versailles

The Changelings Earthquake At Versailles歌词


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