Delta Spirit Parade歌词

Living like they never thought they ever could
Paupers begging like the forest turned to soot
Burning out the sun
Gonna get mine before the end is come

Liars practice tricks for ten percent of growth
Conspire, represent the people in their homes
When I cursed this day
My voice was caught in a parade

Burning from your tale
Last year you were placing bets
Bragging about your goals
Ways you made when no one made the roll

  • 专辑:Ode to Sunshine
  • 歌手:Delta Spirit
  • 歌曲:Parade

Delta Spirit Parade歌词


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灵魂 演唱:Vitas 本歌词制作:刘倩 (music) 看见灵魂在微笑吧? 腿脚自己催快着步伐, 就像身后长上了翅膀, 其实谁也没有把我追赶. 看,潮湿的灵魂耷拉着脑袋, 但它头顶没有棍棒也无刀枪. 大理石的身躯融化成柔软的蜡, 智能脑见鬼去啦. (music) 你会在哪里落脚呢,灵魂? 右边的刺痛,让我佝偻无法呼吸, 某种东西突然再次中断, 闪烁一下,熄灭了,复又燃起, 遥远的高处传来声音, 翅膀生处又开始疼痛, 暴雨洗净了星星的面容, 我几乎抓住了彗星的尾巴. (music) (music