Brooke Valentine Cover Girl歌词

[ti:Cover Girl]

[00:04.52]"Cover Girl"
[00:04.97]作曲: 冯咏琪 填词: 陈少琪 编曲: 陈光荣
[00:05.35]主唱: 梁咏琪
[01:40.65][00:20.27]这面相 要更光亮
[01:50.61][00:29.81]躺在网 阅览天地
[01:55.95][00:35.34]卡路里 汗里舍弃
[02:10.97][00:50.57]临睡喝一杯奶寄望明早 有进步
[02:53.51][02:17.41][00:56.64]从低飞高 And be a cover girl
[02:58.36][02:22.45][01:01.67]为人生 留下丰富投稿
[03:01.73][02:25.70][01:04.70]我要路途 题材越好
[03:07.68][02:31.48][01:10.40]明天多好 And be a cover girl
[03:10.35][02:34.57][01:13.39]为人生 留下最美插图
[03:13.54][02:37.61][01:16.41]告诉别人 越来越好

  • 专辑:Chain Letter
  • 歌手:Brooke Valentine
  • 歌曲:Cover Girl

Brooke Valentine Cover Girl歌词


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