Aphex Twin Windowlicker歌词

Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm
Mmmmmmmmm ummmmmm


MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmm Aiuh
MmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmMMMMmm Aiouh

Uuuuuuu Uuuuuu Uuu Uaaah
Uuuuu uUuuuuU uu Uaaah

MmmmmmmMmmmmm Aiah
MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmMMmmmm Aiah

Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uaaah
Uuuuuuu Uuuu Uuuuuuuu uuuu UuuUAH

Mmmmmmmmm Uh AhAhahah

Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmuuuaaoooo



J'aime faire des croquettes au chien

Laaaaaa LAa Laaa

La Laaaa

Laaaa LaaLaaLaaaa
LA LA la

Laaaaa LAaaaLaaa

Laaaaaa Laa LAaaaa
La La Laaaa






Ummmmmmmm Mmm MmmmmmMmmm

  • 专辑:Windowlicker
  • 歌手:Aphex Twin
  • 歌曲:Windowlicker

Aphex Twin Windowlicker歌词


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Are you one of those girls For whom time stands still once a month? Are you one of those girls For whom time stands still once a month? Are you one of those girls For whom time stands still once a month? Are you one of those girls For whom time stand

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이제 밤도 깊어 고요한데 창밖을 두드리는 소리 잠 못 이루고 깨어나서 창문을 열고 내어다 보니 사람은 간 곳이 없고 외로이 남아 있는 웨딩케익 그 누가 두고 갔나 나는 아네 서글픈 나의 사랑이여 이 밤이 지나가면 나는 가네 원치 않는 사람에게로 눈물을 흘리면서 나는 가네 그대 아닌 사람에게로 이 밤이 지나가면 나는 가네 사랑치 않는 사람에게로 마지막 단 한번만 그대 모습 보게 하여 주오 사랑아 아픈 내 마음 모르는 채 멀리서 들려오는 무정한 새

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Twin Peaks - Alice Russell Here am ,sleep I walking in the light With my eyes closed with all my mind What am I seeking , when ain'tlife I'm so afraid of what might I'm filled with fear it might, might What it is inside of me They say that you are th

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Klaxons - Twin Flames Lyrics by yvonne @ LK歌词组 Rock分队 A burning flame goes by and by Visible love stands side by side It comprehends Beginnings never end Into the cycle of the here and now We take our fears and disappear somehow As we ascend Beginnin

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[ti:Twin Rivers (Dan the Automator Remix)] [ar:Big Scary] [al:Twin Rivers - EP] [offset:0] [00:03.07]Twin Rivers - Big Scary [00:16.69]Gonna have to wake up [00:18.87]I don't want to have to wake up, get up, [00:22.93]get changed, game face [00:24.55

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赤く果敢(はか)なき痛みを この宇宙(そら)へ浮かべて ひとつ ふたつと消えてく 命火(いのちび)が燃える 幾千の星のなか 君と出逢えた 通じ合う想い胸に 僕は飛べる 名もなき戦士よ 立ち上がれ 胸に火を灯して 愛にふるえる 闘志が ある限り 迷いは ない 二人なら悪にでもなれる 翼ひろげ羽ばたけ Twin bird まるで 世界のはじまり 空っぽの器(からだ)へ 振り積もりゆく記憶は 未来(あす)の道しるべ 孤独と云う鐘の音が 闇へいざなう 一秒に 思い馳せて 時は満ちる 嘆きの 天使よ 舞い

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Playing checkers in the great hall Made math and science school a little less not fun at All Studying all night for dr. kish's quiz At least you never caught Yersinia pestis LAN parties after lights out Some got mad when we competed for the longest s

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Remember the night when you told me not to leave you lonely Never leave your side after it's been said and done We're no longer separate, we've come together to live And to die for love no matter what comes our way We're going to live under the moon

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You're a mirror with two faces Two sides, simple as that When I look at my reflection Do I see myself? Don't you run away, don't you run away, don't you run away You're a fish with two fins Swimming in opposite directions When I go in for a kiss Do I