The Business Maradona歌词

The Business


Whatever you sniffed you wanted more*
Now you can only score with a whore
All supplied by the hand of god
Out of the cup that's the way it goes

Shouldn't have had a bucket of charlie up your nose
All supplied by the hand of god

Maradona you're shit
Maradona you're shit

We've waited eight years for your come up pence
Now we know weren't worth Tuppence
All supplied by the hand of god
Hairy little legs and fat little head
You once has thirty whore in your bed
All supplied by the hand of god

You claim to stand up for your god laws
While all the time you were shagging whores
All supplied by the hand of god
Crocodile tears on the commentary box
Was it cause you'd lost of been giving the pox
All supplied by the hand of god

  • 专辑:Hardcore Hooligan
  • 歌手:The Business
  • 歌曲:Maradona

The Business Maradona歌词


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3000 miles is a long way to go To be beaten by a dwarf in Mexico He was an aged cheat who didn't give a damn Couldn't use his head so used his hand They forgave the blind old sod And Maradona claimed it was the hand of God So out of the cup but what

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