Overkill The Green And Black歌词

Mama's revolution has all gone into black
Sin through seven deadly holes, lines up behind your back
Bloodstains and scars the badges of the green and black

You and me
You and me
Forever we... fly

Hey maybe you're a minute away
You can't get her with nothing to say
And Once you're in, you're never going back
Hey maybe you just don't care
You can't get here and you can't get there
Once you're gone, you're never going back
The green and black

Filthy, little secrets, hide inside your head
Right behind your values, kept until you're dead
I do enjoy the language, nor understand what's said
I fill the holes with madness, green and black and red

We get to slipping away
You get the breakdown
We get the joke of the day
You get the shakedown
Shock, blind, run and
Give it a play
Load ten ton and
Slipping away
We get the slipping away
But you get the meltdown
Give me the breakdown
Slipping away

  • 专辑:Ironbound
  • 歌手:Overkill
  • 歌曲:The Green And Black


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