Empyrium Dying Brokenhearted歌词

A bed of moss was granted,
she laid down with a sigh,
Embraced by the green blankets
she kissed the world goodbye.

  • 专辑:Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
  • 歌手:Empyrium
  • 歌曲:Dying Brokenhearted

Empyrium Dying Brokenhearted歌词


Story of the Year Anthem of Our Dying Day歌词

05/03 22:09
The stars will cry the blackest tears tonight. And this is the moment that I live for. I can smell the ocean air. Here I am pouring my heart onto these rooftops. Just a ghost to the world. That's exactly what I need. From up here the city lights burn

As Blood Runs Black In Dying Days歌词

12/27 12:56
followers are omnipresent. Satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle Satisfied! No one is setting a path for us to follow, no ones striving to be on top. No one is setting a path for us to follow we will all fall in the end. In dying days! The path has bee

MIKESCHAIR Someone Worth Dying For歌词

02/24 05:14
You might be the wife, Waiting up at night You might be the man, Struggling to provide Feeling like it's hopeless Maybe you're the son, Who chose a broken road Maybe you're the girl, Thinking you'll end up alone Praying God can you hear me? Oh God ar

Cleopatra Dying Rose歌词

02/08 18:06
A wilted flower is your love, it blooms and then it dies. The love you lost or threw away, you should never find (ooo-ooo-ooooooooo). I did love you for who you were (ooo-ooooooooo), but the jealousy of some friend (controlled your mind). (Your love

Rise Against Worth Dying For歌词

07/07 03:14
set me off like dynamite strapped tight around my waist we are the ones in competition but claim this ain't no race take a breath and explode like bullets tearing throungh the wind cut me up with a razor blade that tries to separathe skin now in the

Empyrium Der Weiher歌词

10/05 02:58
Wie Todeshauch die Nebel fließen, durch krumm erstarrte Kiefern Wehen, wo Schatten sich in Silber gießen und flehend sacht die Winde gehen. Da liegt erblasst im Winterlicht, der Weiher still, und atmet nicht! 专辑:A Retrospective 歌手:Empyrium 歌曲:Der Wei

As I Lay Dying Paralyzed歌词

04/25 08:38
What is certain I have ignored I have spent most of my life Trying to complicate everything that I believe So that while paralyzed In thought I will always have an alibi Just another excuse (just another excuse) To hesitate (to hesitate) Delaying tru

As I Lay Dying Confined歌词

11/13 09:14
That night I never came home. Wandering souls captured my thoughts.. Emptiness filled my mind. Urgency spoke her lies. In the confines of these gray walls. I watched them move together. Taking me places I cannot remember (remember). We have been pour

Miss May I Masses of a Dying Breed歌词

06/26 01:20
Somethings haven taken over who I am. I went cold, I went cold, finding my way back. Places only seen by ones will want to be. Lost consumes masses of a dying breed. Hammered through life a nail to seal this demise. This light will show forever and a