Katy Perry Fingerprints歌词

Voted most likely to end up on the back ok a milk box drink
Looks like I'm letting them down
Cause seven, seventy-five isn't worth
and hour of my hard work and time
When you cant afford half the shit they advertise
Ohh I'm worth more then they ask
more then the two-tag generation full of regret
Ohh I won't settle no, ohh I can't settle

I wanna break the mold,
I wanna break the stereotype
Fist in the air I'm not going down with out a fight
Effortless and I'm sitting on the sidelines watching
It pass my by I'm leaving you my legacy
I gotta make my mark
I gotta run it hard
I want you to remember me
I'm leaving my fingerprints
I'm leaving my fingerprints on you
Representing you and me
Don't you wanna go down in history?
Rather then end up begging on the streets
Trading under table favors for a place to sleep
Cause I'm worth more then this
so stop writing prescriptions for my Ritalin
I can't focus my attention
Don't give up
Don't give in
Because your arms on the rock
Ohh I'm not innocent, innocent, innocent, innocent
Cause I'm leaving my fingerprints
I'm leaving my fingerprints, in the end

Katy Perry - Fingerprints
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  • 专辑:One of the Boys
  • 歌手:Katy Perry
  • 歌曲:Fingerprints

Katy Perry Fingerprints歌词


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