Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun歌词

With your bright yellow gun, You own the sun
And I think I need a little poison
To keep me tame Keep me awake
I have nothing to offer but confusion
And the circus in my head, And the middle of the bed
In the middle of the night
With your bright silver frown, You own the town
And I think I need a little poison
I have no secrets I have no lies
I have nothing to offer but the middle of the night
And I think you need a little poison
You leak one apple a week to survive
And you still have to ask if you're alive
You have nothing to offer but police my dreams
Keep me clean Keep me awake
With your bright yellow gun, You own the sun
And I think I need a little poison
With your bright silver grin, You own sin
And I think I need a little poison
Bright yellow gun

  • 专辑:University
  • 歌手:Throwing Muses
  • 歌曲:Bright Yellow Gun


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Throwing Muses - Hate My Way I could be a smack freak And hate society I could hate God And blame Dad I might be in a Holocaust Hate Hitler Might not have a child And hate school I could be a sad lover And hate death I could be a neuro And hate sweat

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