Blonde Redhead Here Sometimes歌词

a little girl above the fireplace
in the air flying motionless
ring the bell soooo
she could keep flying
this is me, completely me

and the day we watched the sun go down
i can see you like a firework
you want to save me
people will save me
this is you, completely you

now it's day but i am dreaming
a man walks by
I want to be his wife
I'm only here sometimes
under the tree of life
i'm only good sometimes
to give my time to go home

like a candle wasted from burning
i got shoes tired from walking
calling on your name
my lips keep failing
love now forgot to see

now it's day but I am dreaming
a man walks by
i want to be his wife
i'm only here sometimes
under the tree of life
i'm only good sometimes
to give my time to go home (x2)

i'm only good sometimes
under the tree of life
i'm only here sometimes
to give my time to go home

  • 专辑:Penny Sparkle
  • 歌手:Blonde Redhead
  • 歌曲:Here Sometimes

Blonde Redhead Here Sometimes歌词


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