Westlife It's You歌词

There's a laugh in my eyes
There's a waltz in my walk
And it's been such a long time
Since there was hope in my talk
If you never knew what it is that's new… it's you
'Cause when your hands are in mine
You set a fire that everyone can see
And it's burning away
Every bad memory
To tell you the truth
If it's something new… baby it's you

It's you in the morning
It's you in the night
A beautiful angel came down to light up my life

The world's a different place
Where nothing's too hard to say
And nothing's too hard to do
Never too much to go through
To tell you the truth
Everything that's new…. Baby It's you


So if I get to grow old
With many years behind me
There's only one thing I want
One thing I need beside me
For all that you are
For everything you do
For all that you've done
Just for showing me the truth

It's you
It's you
Baby it's you

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  • 歌手:Westlife
  • 歌曲:It's You

Westlife It's You歌词


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