Alan Jackson The Angels Cried歌词

They came from near,they came from far
Following a distance star to where He lay
Not being sure of what it mean, but
Knowing it was heaven sent,
they made their way

And the creatures gathered 'round
And didn't make a sound
And the angels cried

The angels knew what was to come
The reason God had sent His son
From up above
It filled their hearts with joy to see and
Knowing of His destiny
Came tears of love

And the creatures gathered 'round
And didn't make a sound
And the angels cried

I've often thought about that night
And wondered if they realized
That star so bright
Was sent to tell all the land
The Son of God would soon become
The Son of Man

And the creatures gathered 'round
And didn't make a sound
And the angels cried

And the Angels Cried
And the Angels Cried

  • 专辑:Honky Tonk Christmas
  • 歌手:Alan Jackson
  • 歌曲:The Angels Cried

Alan Jackson The Angels Cried歌词


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