Low Breaker歌词

Our bodies break
And the blood just spills and spills
But here we sit debating math
It's just a shame
My hand just kills and kills
There's gotta be an end to that
There's gotta be an end to that

  • 专辑:Drums and Guns
  • 歌手:Low
  • 歌曲:Breaker


Low Sunflower歌词

08/29 15:00
When they found your body Giant X's on your eyes With your half of the ransom You bought some sweet, sweet, sweet Sweet sunflowers And gave them To the night Underneath the Star of David A hundred years behind my eyes And with my half of the ransom I

Low Turn歌词

10/21 13:25
I never thought you took me seriously I never thought you'd be the one to turn me in I thought you saw me on the roof I didn't think you'd be the one to turn me in 专辑:Long Division 歌手:Low 歌曲:Turn

Greg Laswell High and Low Laswell歌词

07/29 14:29
Do What I can Greg Laswell 第三十八年夏至 上传 I'm going to see some friends from out of state The very trip that you were supposed to take a while ago But it fell through Like all of you Like all of you Thought i'd make the drive but a free plane ride is in

War Low Rider歌词

11/11 19:49
Low Rider war 雨中独行 雨中独行制作 Low Rider--War All my friends know the low rider The low rider is a little higher Low rider drives a little slower Low rider is a real goer Low rider knows every street yeah! Low rider is the one to meet yeah! Low rider don'

All Time Low Umbrella歌词

06/09 12:42
Gyeah, Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Take three, action No clouds in my storms Let it rain, I hydroplane into fame Comin' down like the Dow Jones When the clouds come, we gone We Roc-A-Fellas We fly higher than weather And she flies it better You know m

Colbie Caillat Turn Your Lights Down Low (Live)歌词

01/11 20:10
[ti:One Fine Wire] [ar:Colbie Caillat] [al:Coco] [03:26.30]Album:Coco [03:20.56]Colbie Caillat-One Fine Wire [00:00.23] [00:01.38]I try so many times [00:04.76]But it's not taking me [00:08.13]And it seems so long ago [00:12.45]That I used to believe

All Time Low Weightless歌词

11/17 05:59
All Time Low Weightless Manage me I'm a mess Turn a page, I'm a book Half unread I wanna be laughed at Laughed with, just because I wanna feel weightless And that should be enough Well I'm stuck in this fucking rut Waiting on a second hand pick me up

Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places歌词

06/06 03:11
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.16]friends in low places [00:03.10]歌手:garth brooks [00:04.53]专辑:double live [00:05.90] [00:07.25]Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks) [00:09.32]Blame it all on my roots,I showed up in boots [00:13.73]and ruined your black tie

Hilltop Hoods Circuit Breaker歌词

07/11 09:17
Verse 1 – Suffa I got to jump back and kiss myself, The Hoods have comeback to rip this girl, Live on the drum track you dissed yourself, So drunk that you nearly pissed yourself, And if you come wak you risk your health, I'm the one that made LL rin