Various Artists Embrace歌词

[ti:Looking As You Are-Embrace]
[al:Essential Songs: Spring Collection]
[00:02.13]Looking As You Are-Embrace - 群星
[00:14.06]I told the Devil and the deep blue sea to hide
[00:20.66]I thought that you were after them
[00:24.09]I was right
[00:27.77]But it's a picture I'll always keep in mind
[00:34.17]Where you say I've never been even liked
[00:41.47]For anything truly mine
[00:47.60]And you did it looking as you are
[00:55.50]Looking as you are
[01:01.79]Looking as you are
[01:08.10]Looking as you are
[01:27.92]Love enters, and leaves you through your eyes
[01:33.93]You threw away the only thing that I like
[01:40.23]And ought tell ya, that things will be alright
[01:46.85]It never really seems that way, late at night
[01:53.32]When you did it looking as you are
[02:00.85]Looking as you are
[02:07.52]Looking as you are
[02:13.83]Looking as you are
[02:19.78]Now I know, that the world's not waiting for you,
[02:29.18]nor for me
[02:33.70]Now I know, that the world's not waiting for you
[02:46.00]Course you did it looking as you are
[02:53.44]Looking as you are
[03:00.02]Looking as you are
[03:06.49]Looking as you are
[03:13.16]Looking as you are
[03:19.75]Looking as you are
[03:26.34]Looking as you are
[03:32.78]Looking as you are
[03:39.70]Now you're gone, I stand on my own

  • 专辑:Eternity: A Romantic Collection
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Embrace

Various Artists Embrace歌词


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