Thieves Like Us Bleed Bleed Bleed歌词

Slow down and lay low
Against the rhythm of the time
I can’t change I can’t hide
From the rhythm and the rules
And I’ll say what I want to
Say what I want to say to them
And I’ll do what I want to
Do what I want to do anyway

There must be someone telling a lie to me

Live low or lay down
For the dollar and the dime
It’s their tune and their game
You can only play to lose
I don’t breathe for your money
Breathe for your money
Breathe for you
I don’t bleed for your money
Bleed for your money
Bleed for you

Easy to cheat
Easy to hide
And then you disappear

  • 专辑:Bleed Bleed Bleed
  • 歌手:Thieves Like Us
  • 歌曲:Bleed Bleed Bleed

Thieves Like Us Bleed Bleed Bleed歌词


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