Sun Kil Moon Ålesund歌词

no this is not my guitar
i'm bringing it to a friend
and no i don't sing
i'm only humming along
up here in the air
i'm just mumbling at the clouds
wanting to be known
while i pass the lonely hours
i came down from the moon
i saw you in the rain
laughing with some people
hair dripping down your face
your calm hypnotic eyes
with Scandinavian glow
i felt them like a flame
kindling my cold bones
tonight you were my muse
as i built it and i strung
trying not to drown
and the helicopter
hmmm mmmm
from the crowd i heard
you sing a pretty line
was it there so much love
that i wanna cry
i thought about it long
had you repeat it in my ear
i couldn't place it though
but loved you being so close
i should've played it then
from the intro to the end
when they offered me the stage
at the bar we landed in
but i turned and walked
away from all the fun
and back into the black
seaside night of Ålesund

  • 专辑:Admiral Fell Promises
  • 歌手:Sun Kil Moon
  • 歌曲:Ålesund


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