Brooke Turner Convince Me歌词

[ti:Convince Me]
[ar:Brooke Turner]
[00:00.81]Brooke Turner - Convince me
[03:35.32][00:04.56]Lrc by 蓝色旋风
[00:11.37]remember thoes time we have
[00:13.99]befor we all went back
[00:16.64]what happen I don't know
[00:18.63]I'd said I should to go
[00:21.65]you coming turing to a state
[00:24.15]like road cross to right
[00:26.36]I don't care who's from your right
[00:28.86]so I asking you now
[01:32.13][00:30.88]don't say mabe
[01:34.51][00:33.28]way so crazy
[01:36.99][00:35.74]stop gone knock my phone
[01:42.31][00:41.00]make your maind up
[01:44.62][00:43.48]befor your times up
[01:47.30][00:46.08]and you all alone
[02:54.73][01:53.37][00:52.08]if you wait for another day
[02:56.99][01:55.71][00:54.57]or you batter turn my face away
[03:09.74][02:59.53][02:08.66][01:58.38][01:07.39][00:57.21]if you realy want my back face
[01:09.33][00:58.86]convince convince me
[03:32.07][03:31.82][03:21.84][03:21.64][03:11.58][03:11.40][03:01.51][03:01.23][02:30.73][02:30.40][02:20.53][02:20.35][02:10.25][02:10.19][02:00.09][01:59.62][01:10.38][01:00.17]convince convince me
[03:04.86][02:03.61][01:02.34]I can't leaving all so behind
[03:07.00][02:05.92][01:04.76]so you batter comming trace my mind
[01:12.62]becoming so confuse
[01:15.12]everthing you do
[01:17.71]we can't make up your minds now I ask you do deals
[01:22.84]we going on in circles
[01:25.48]this like carrousel
[01:27.55]where we going I can't tell
[01:30.04]and I asking you boy
[03:28.83][03:26.30][03:24.32][03:18.63][03:15.99][03:14.28][02:27.44][02:24.98][02:22.97][02:17.31][02:14.71][02:12.67]convince me
[02:34.43]course I'm not afraid to let you go
[02:36.54]but if you want me back to let me know
[02:40.40]convince me convince me
[02:44.40]course we have this coming part
[02:46.76]and I looking for a bright new start
[02:50.37]so convince me convince me

  • 专辑:Convince Me
  • 歌手:Brooke Turner
  • 歌曲:Convince Me

Brooke Turner Convince Me歌词


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