Sons Of Sylvia Love Left to Lose歌词

Love Left to Lose Lyrics
Sons of Sylvia
Revelation - Love Left to Lose
LRC Produced by:renxing

Here it is
The last day of my life and I'm jumping in.
Here it is
One step into space and I'm falling in.
And I ain't gotta parachute,
I ain't gotta parachute
Like you,
It was you.

You and me,
We have our own world where I wanna be,
Oh when I'm hurting you
Then that world's hell and it's killing me
I'm living with an open wound,
Hoping that it closes soon.
I don't wanna leave,
But I should leave.
I hear you say,

Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
One more step and you're out that door
Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
All we've got is love left to lose.

Let me know
Which side of the fence are you gonna go
'Cause I'm breaking down,
And I can't live in a house that don't feel like a home.
I know we got some life that's left,
And I ain't giving up just yet.
So give me a sign,
'Cause all I keep hearing in my mind is ...

Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
One more step and you're out that door
Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
All we've got is love left to lose.

Look me in the eyes and tell me
What are ya feeling baby.
Don't you know you have my heart
And I could never walk away.

And I'll give all that I have
If I could only make you see that
You're the only one I want,
So please don't ever say ...

Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
One more step and you're out that door
Ohh, whatcha waiting for?
All we've got is love left to lose.

  • 专辑:Revelation
  • 歌手:Sons Of Sylvia
  • 歌曲:Love Left to Lose

Sons Of Sylvia Love Left to Lose歌词


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