�谷を�く 一人で�く
人ごみの中 大好きなあの人探す

手を�ぎたい その思いから
わざとはぐれて みただけなの
泣きそう こんな私を
恋する想いが (My ダ�リン)
大きく膨らみ (I LOVE YOU)
考えすぎたら (My ダ�リン)
まだまだ私は (My ダ�リン)
あなたが怖いわ (I LOVE YOU)
きっといつの日か (My ダ�リン)
嫌われちゃいそうで ああ
あなたを�つけ �が出ちゃった
少し前から 私に�付いてたなんて
少しずるいよ だけど言えない
最初のきっかけは 私だし
どうしよう うつむいてたら
大人になっても (My ダ�リン)
もっとその先も (I LOVE YOU)
腰が曲がっても (My ダ�リン)
ドキドキするでしょう (My ダ�リン)
�ずかしいでしょう (I LOVE YOU)
それでも私を (My ダ�リン)
やさしく包んでね ああ

  • 歌手:℃-ute


Cookies Forever Friends歌词

05/30 23:32
作曲:林一峰 作词:林一峰 + 朱治良 编曲:四方果@POO RECORDS 监制:四方果 + EVI YANG 歌词吾爱 记得当天一起唱告别校园时 那些愉快动人琴声 仍像奏到面前 让我轻闭着眼睛 记住同学每张脸 这感觉 仿佛更新鲜 这天满翻开这本记念册再想到你 小心用胶纸封了表 来让我更希冀 若照片有日退色 你在文字里给我 好天气 应该也很美 曾共你天天相对 失恋也一起 共你担心功课 赶不到限期 班房间里放影机 逐格愉快记忆 在倒退 让我看真你 明日我翻开笔记 即使记不起 学过数理经济 通通都

龙井说唱 Forever young歌词

11/29 17:55
forever young 龙井说唱 lrc歌词制作:深呼吸 做自己想做的事 走自己想走的路 不管开心或是难过 结果都是喝到吐 有羡慕嫉妒恨 但对朋友绝对是祝福 我扛起了责任 可自由依旧是生活的态度 只喝加了冰的啤酒 没有解不了的忧愁 笑着往前走痛苦不值得我们回头 不是时间手里的玩偶 别拿年纪当成了借口 给自己找个理由或许我能玩转地球 我知道有很多的梦想真的无法实现 可还会带着激情面对即将到来的一天 下一秒对这一秒来说充满新鲜感 青春就是保持这秒到下秒之前 forever young 没错 我们

麗美 Forever Friends歌词

05/31 16:50
Hold me like a friend Kiss me like a friend Say we'll never end Searching for the colors of the rainbow Melody never say good-bye I'll believe you Hold me like a friend Kiss me like a friend Say we'll never end Searching for the colors of the rainbow

冯曦妤 Forever Friends 歌词

03/22 18:32
I believe I can love You give me your loving care I believe in what we are I don't know where I would be Without you staying with me Sometimes, I'm lost in misery You will take me all the way, I'm not afraid Oh, you and me, hand in hand To everywhere

Bang Gang Forever Now 歌词

07/26 17:02
You can see her in the distance, where she walks alone. Then you follow her direction, to your second home The evening grabs us in the sounds we are bound we sit and watch the sun moving down it feels so good to have you around wish we could stay for

Melanie C Forever Again歌词

11/02 07:24
melanie c ★ ruffianch 制作 sometimes i try sometimes i don't sometimes the way i feel inside is gonna show you know we're all the same i know you're tired you try to talk but you think i don't hear you anymore here it comes again but sometimes you just

Lake of Tears Forever Autumn歌词

06/16 19:57
Lake of Tears.泪湖 - Forever autumn.永远的秋 So, the season of the fall begins Down the crossroads in a sleepy little inn By the fire when the sun goes down 秋季来到 来到十字路口尽头的疲倦的小酒馆 来到太阳落山后的火堆旁 But the night becomes you And the secrets of the rain 黑夜成了你 雨的秘密 F

Gary Barlow Forever Love歌词

03/31 18:22
Love it has so many beautiful faces Sharing lives and sharing days My love it has so many empty spaces Im sharing a memory now I hope thats how it stays Now Im deep inside love and still breathing She is holding my heart in her hand Im the closest Iv

Amici Forever Adagio歌词

12/28 15:53
Non so dove trovarti Non so come cercarti Ma sento una voce che Nel vento parla di te Quest'anima senza cuore Aspetta te Adagio Le notti senza pelle I sogni senza stelle Immagini del tuo viso Che passano all'improvviso Mi fanno sperare ancora Che ti