Trace Bundy Patanga歌词


  • 专辑:Adapt
  • 歌手:Trace Bundy
  • 歌曲:Patanga

Trace Bundy Patanga歌词


Trace Bundy Canon歌词

09/29 08:54
Canon - Trace Bundy 美国指弹吉他演奏家崔斯. 班迪 出生在明尼苏达州奥斯丁市 他的代表作点弦卡农尤为大家所熟悉, 并被郑成河以及广大指弹吉他爱好者翻弹 崔斯的每首曲子都带有强烈的情感 在演奏优美旋律的同时, 他还加入了各种木吉他上的高难度技巧: 点弦,泛音,Loop和使用多个变调夹演奏等 你无法相信他是怎样用十根手指演奏 如此复杂而又动听的音乐, 所以崔斯被粉丝冠以"原声忍者"的称号 他幽默和自信的台风常常 让观众对他的演出难以忘怀 崔斯的专辑销量目前已达七万张,

Trace Bundy Adapt歌词

11/18 07:13
[00:00] 专辑:Adapt 歌手:Trace Bundy 歌曲:Adapt

Trace Bundy Lullaby on Three 歌词

04/12 09:53
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Solomon's Splendor 歌手:Trace Bundy 歌曲:Lullaby on Three

Trace Bundy Dueling Ninjas歌词

03/18 12:02
[00:00] 专辑:Adapt 歌手:Trace Bundy 歌曲:Dueling Ninjas

Trace Bundy Sweet Child O' Mine歌词

09/12 11:21
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Missile Bell, Vol. 2 歌手:Trace Bundy 歌曲:Sweet Child O' Mine

Trace Bundy Porch Swing歌词

10/25 10:59
[00:00] 专辑:Adapt 歌手:Trace Bundy 歌曲:Porch Swing

Trace Adkins Sweet歌词

10/18 03:44
back as far as i remember mama always worried about me ya see mama knew my taste in women she'd say whatever you do boy find you one that's sweet mama i finally found one that i'd like you to meet she's sweet like a cadillac sweet like a stack of har

Ides of Space No Trace of Fading歌词

04/30 14:32
You know that I want to wonder About the stars that you collect and store You know that I would if you just asked me The same as I did before And as the image makes out It's nothing to me But if you've got time For spinning around, you may as well be

Laura Bell Bundy Rebound歌词

09/30 02:41
Hey, I've been spending all my time alone Feelin' sorry for myself since the love is gone But you're all I want today I just wonder, can you make me feel that way? Tell me, boy If I get all over you, can I get over him? I've been feelin' so blue, giv