Blackfield Some Day歌词

歌曲:Some Day

上传:Beer & Tear
When you were a boy
You had no place inside your parents' world
You were falling like the leaves
From an old and dying tree
You went to school
But the teachers made you feel a fool
While the children played with joy
You were the one they would avoid
Some day
You will find a better place to stay
You'll never need to feel this way again
Again, again
Show a smile
They'd like to have you in their members' club
They'll buy you drinks and tell you lies
They pour rumbrella with some ice
No one cares
About that fucking pretty face you have
It means nothing much this life
So find the highest cliff and dive

  • 专辑:Blackfield II
  • 歌手:Blackfield
  • 歌曲:Some Day

Blackfield Some Day歌词


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