Leftover Cuties Through It All歌词

Your old wheels had broken down
Your pockets full of rain
Misfortune's at your door
Barging in again
You have been chasing time in vain
Thinking you could win
But when you show a minute late
They wouldn't let you in
And you breathe through it all
Don't forget to smile when you fall
Your old dreams have faded out
Your heart is full of fear
Disease creeped in your home
Your body needs a cheer
You've been chasing time in vain
Still everything is undone
Always on the fastest lane
A whole life on the run
When you breathe through it all
Don't forget to smile when you fall
Breath through it all
Don't forget to smile when you fall
You keep knocking on closed doors
Oh it's true that when it rains it pours
You keep knocking on closed doors
Oh it true, it's true….
Breathe through it all
Soon all this will appear so small
Breath through it all
Don't forget to smile when you fall
Don't forget, don't forget.

  • 专辑:Game Called Life
  • 歌手:Leftover Cuties
  • 歌曲:Through It All

Leftover Cuties Through It All歌词


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