Sharon Van Etten I Love You But I'm Lost歌词

You read the answers by the shadows on the wall we could be great.
Drive myself crazy with mistakes you know I'm better every day.
Tell me there's something I can change. Recall, I know what a sanctuary is.
Help me deserve you sing me praise. You love me, but you'll change.

Disappointed in a lover because they're the only way.
To know somebody in and out, after a while it's a real challenge.
Come in here and be yourself again. I love you but I'm not somebody who
takes shots.
See me after I recoil. I'm better than I know. There is room to grow.

Tear stains on the last page.
Better leave 'em. Time will tell and I'll be back.
Tear stains. I believe it.
I'm in Houston. I can't read my lines.
Most of all I find it strange
I believed them.

Turn me into something great you know that that's the only way.
Promises that we forgot. I suppose we were lost.
Let's turn it into something we can change.

I love you but I'm lost between the pain and cost. I hold myself a lot.
I love you but i'm lost. I love you but i'm lost. I love you but I'm lost. I
love you but i'm lost.

I love you but I'm lost.
A love that bears no cross.

  • 专辑:Are We There
  • 歌手:Sharon Van Etten
  • 歌曲:I Love You But I'm Lost

Sharon Van Etten I Love You But I'm Lost歌词


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