Various Artists Masquerade歌词

[ti:Masquerade (Re-Recorded Remast]
[ar:Various Artists]
[al:80S & '90S Dance Hits (Re-Reco]
[00:00.90]Masquerade (Re-Recorded Remastered) - Berlin
[00:20.01]The painted faces on the street
[00:22.83]Caricatures of long ago
[00:26.21]Oh they were young and oh so sweet
[00:28.92]Down beyond the boulevard
[00:32.60]Knock on doors and empty halls
[00:35.43]And still sometimes remember
[00:38.46]The masquerade's forever
[00:44.45]When you see the price they paid
[00:46.94]I'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade
[01:00.38]The reeling figures pass on by
[01:03.27]Like ghosts in some forgotten play
[01:06.59]Beneath the black and empty sky
[01:09.86]Music plays and figures dance
[01:12.75]With partners chosen by chance
[01:15.81]And still some times remember
[01:19.07]The masquerade's forever
[01:25.31]They reached for tomorrow
[01:30.45]But tomorrows, more of the same
[01:37.66]So they reached for tomorrow
[01:42.80]But tomorrow never came
[01:52.97]When you hear the price they paid
[01:55.72]I'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade
[02:18.72]One by one and two by two
[02:21.48]Past eight by tens in shattered frames
[02:24.49]The players try to leave the room
[02:27.58]Frantic puppets on a string
[02:30.78]And all the while the music sings
[02:33.96]And still sometimes remember
[02:36.77]the masquerade's foreve
[02:43.30]when you hear the price they paid
[02:45.25]i'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade
[02:51.65]The masquerade's forever
[04:10.07]歌词制作 QQ745799452

  • 专辑:Jazz You Night and Day
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Masquerade

Various Artists Masquerade歌词


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