Cameron Rafati Xox歌词

Telephones, future I'm fighting,
Just so complicated
I've tried technology,
But it makes life this so much less like the old movies.

XOX don't mean to be forward,
But you've been on my mind and in every word I speak.
But I'm just to scared to just speak to you.

I'm Because all on my own
Trying to be where you call home

And I'm all on my own
But somewhere where the Satellites still find me again.

Take my blood, quickly I'm dying
XOX I miss you I'm trying to fall asleep

Fall asleep in your arms digitally.
As you speak to me in 0's and 1's
My hope resides that one day you will come back to me.

And this life will be beautiful again.

Cause I'm all on my own
Trying to be where you call home

I'm all on my own.
But somewhere where the satellites still find me.

As I reach for the phone,
Still trying to find where I belong

As I'm all on my own!

Dying to find you through this new world once again!

Once Again.

Why cant I speak to you through this new world once again!

Again. Just trying to find you through this new world once again!

  • 专辑:Jack of Spades
  • 歌手:Cameron Rafati
  • 歌曲:Xox


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