Herb Alpert Spanish Flea歌词

There was a little spanish flea
A record star he thought he'd be
He heard of singers like Beetles
and The Chipmunks he'd seen on TV
Why not a little spanish flea?

And so he hid
Inside a doggie from madrid
He arrived in the city
Still singin his sweet harmony
As proud as any flea could be

He walked around
As if he owned the town
Humming his pint sized melody
With his guitar he knew he'd be a star
And in his own home town, how proud he'd be

Then all at once he met a man
Who said, "I'll help you if i can"
He listened close to his song
And then he sang right along for you see
He loved that little spanish flea

  • 专辑:Going Places
  • 歌手:Herb Alpert
  • 歌曲:Spanish Flea


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a smoky room, a small café they come to hear you play and drink and dance the night away i sit out in the crowd and close my eyes dream to mind but you dont know you dont even know that im there i wish that i was in your arms like that spanish guitar

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