Cannie Bittersweet歌词

[00:00.00]Bittersweet - Cannie
[00:09.59]有一个星期天 我呆坐在房间
[00:15.15]弹着和 弦
[00:35.97]我的世界 失去 了鲜艳
[00:41.18]我等啊等 等到了今天
[00:46.10]可你却告诉 我
[00:51.71]It's a beautiful day It's a beautiful day
[00:56.60]I don't mind if you just turned away
[01:02.13]I am out of my mind
[01:04.37]I am out of my mind embrace the sunshine
[01:09.57]I never cry again
[01:12.49]It's a beautiful day
[01:14.92]It's a beautiful day
[01:17.69]It's a brand new start
[01:19.99]We got you and my life
[01:22.94]I am out of my mind yeah
[01:26.10]I am out of my mind the bittersweet
[01:30.55]That's how it tastes

  • 专辑:Bittersweet
  • 歌手:Cannie
  • 歌曲:Bittersweet

Cannie Bittersweet歌词


Alexa Lusader Bittersweet歌词

01/09 06:51
[ti:Bittersweet] [ar:Alexa Lusader] [al:] [by:a2482503] [00:00.69]Alexa Lusader - Bittersweet [00:02.93]就爱歌词网 [00:05.39]LRC:jaron QQ:604067801 [00:06.50] [00:06.96]Love has the bitter sweetest taste [00:09.52]All these memories captured

Amy Diamond Bittersweet歌词

05/16 06:05
It's hard to find the thing to say I'm vulnerable and frail So I wrap my heart in bubble plastic Just in case it breaks Before you and I go much further now I'm asking you to please tell me Do you really want my love? Is it really me you're thinking

Fantasia Bittersweet歌词

01/23 07:27
Bittersweet Back To Me Every now and then I still get a flashback Of the time I spent Thinking you could be that one Should I have just captured love? As I understand, We don' had some good times On the other hand, Got me crying all night It was too

Within Temptation Bittersweet歌词

08/29 17:20
album:mother earth within temptation-bittersweet if i tell you will you listen? will you stay? will you be here forever? never go away? never thought things would change hold me tight please don't say again that you have to go a bitter thought i had

용감한 형제 Bittersweet歌词

12/21 22:28
사랑한다는 말보다 날 놓지 않겠다는 그 말 나 잊지 않을께 나 너를 믿을께 더 커져가는 사랑이 나를 배신해도 달콤했던 속삭임 내 귓가를 울려도 my love is / bittersweet my love is / bittersweet my love is / bittersweet love cuz you're my bittersweet love 눈을 감아도 빌어먹을 사랑은 So bitter 이제 그만하라며 자꾸 내 등을 떠밀어 널 잡고싶지만 사랑하는

Apocalyptica Bittersweet歌词

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Bittersweet I'm giving up the ghost of love In the shadows cast on devotion She is the one that I adore creed of my silent suffocation Break this bittersweet spell on me Lost in the arms of destiny (Bittersweet) I won't give up I'm possessed by her I

Elenowen Bittersweet歌词

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Your lips taste like honey Your kiss burns like salt Your touch feels so foreign Your love is like home You are all I want baby But you are nothing that I need You and me Are bittersweet We're standing on a wire Any moment it might break We could fal

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Jet Lag Gemini - Bittersweet Lyrics Even though you want it You really shouldn't think about it Treason is a tar pit It's so tacky to preserve alone Can you live like a crow? There's your answer. As you pick at my bones with your friends and their ba

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[ti:] Bittersweet [ar:] S Club [al:] Seeing Double [UK Bonus Track] [00:01.35]Bittersweet--S Club [00:02.43]LYC by [00:04.42] [00:11.46]I still think about how it used to be [00:15.87]So entwined in my own lies, surrounded by this make believe [00:22